Medicinal Plant Index (MPI) was founded on the idea that medicinal plant knowledge should be accessible to anyone who seeks it, especially those from Communities of Color looking to reconnect with the ancestral knowledge that echoes in the recesses of our collective consciousness.

Historically, our communities bore witness to the theft of this medicinal plant knowledge, followed by the ridiculing of centuries of plant wisdom and, in recent years, the re-telling of our histories with plants, packaged and sold back to us by companies focused solely on profit.

MPI seeks to disrupt this cycle of appropriation. In addition to acting as a platform for the dissemination of medicinal plant knowledge, MPI is proud to offer herbal supplements that are sourced with deep reverence for the planet and the people who work to cultivate medicinal plants for public consumption.

It is our sincere hope that within the pages of MPI, everyone who visits will find new knowledge that empowers them to make informed decisions about their own wellness, as well as a renewed sense of appreciation for the planet and the gifts it readily provides to us as inhabitants.