Our Story

In 2018, I developed an aggressive rash on my elbow and neck. After consulting various doctors and dermatologists, the general consensus was that I apply a topical steroid cream to the affected areas, and hope for signs of improvement. Dismayed by the generic nature of this advice, I began to research holistic approaches to healing, and unknowingly embarked upon a journey that would fundamentally change my understanding of plants and their innate capacity to organically heal and nurture.

As I grew familiar with the wellness industry, however, I noticed that many companies profiting from the power of medicinal plants seemed to have little to no relationship with the communities that have produced and harnessed this knowledge. I wondered where the information that these companies presented came from; whose hands were harvesting the products they were offering? From where I stood, I didn’t quite see my community reflected in this landscape.

MPI is the product of my desire to create a contemporary and reliable source of information on medicinal plants — I couldn’t find a platform that spoke to me and my community, so I began to build one. It is also a humble attempt at counteracting the lack of transparency that runs rampant within the wellness industry, because I believe that many people, like myself, care about the sources and processes behind the products they consume.

— Travis Gumbs, Founder, MPI