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This supplement was created to soothe + recuperate your overworked nervous system, elevating you above the anxiety, melancholy, + daily stresses of life.

UPLIFT supports the regulation of cortisol, a stress hormone that can lead to feelings of burnout and chronic anguish. Formulated with five adaptogenic herbs + two types of sea moss, its potency increases through consistent dosage.

Made using vegan capsules.

Recommended Usage: 3 capsules, every morning.

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Organic From India

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Wildcrafted From Croatia

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Wildcrafted From Mexico

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Organic From China

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Wildcrafted From St. Lucia

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Organic From Bulgaria

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Our Process

MPI is committed to purchasing whole herbs from either certified organic or wildcrafted suppliers. This also entails working to ensure that we are sourcing from suppliers that sustainably farm and/or wildcraft with renewable practices, seeking to replenish and protect their natural environments.

All herbs and plants are then sent to our manufacturing partners, a cGMP compliant facility, that grinds each item into a fine powder. A sample from each batch is then sent to an FDA certified laboratory for analysis, and once the sample is determined to be microbiologically sound, our manufacturing partners encapsulate our unique UPLIFT formulation, and bottle it for your consumption.

Reviews and Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Really helpful on those days when I find it difficult to be fully present.

Love it!

I Love it, it helps me stay level headed.

Joah S.
Perfect supplement for someone with a busy schedule

Uplift has been such a great addition to my self care routine and strategy. I’m a long distance runner and I run a startup, run several other business endeavors so having a calm, composed mindset and the energy to take on so much is important. Uplift has helped me tremendously.

A big difference

After consistently taking UPLIFT for two months, I noticed a big difference in my mood and felt lighter mentally.

Morgan R.
this stuff is noice

howdy! i have a lot of health stuff going on…fibromyalgia, seizures, migraines, depression, anxiety, etc etc…so i’ve tried a ton of pharmaceuticals, supplements, vitamins, etc over the years. a couple months ago, i traded in my zoloft for MPI and so far so good! it gives me a nice boost and keeps me even keeled (for the most part) and it’s NATURAL ❤️